Monday, October 17

Book Review: Stolen Postcards
Stolen Postcards
by Jan Ackerson

Jan Ackerson’s new release, Stolen Postcards, is a collection of 366 tiny stories, one for each day of the year. But much like the famous potato chip commercial claims, it’s hard to stop at just one. I wanted to read them all, one after another, without stopping, but I found it impossible.

Each story is exactly 100 words long, and each is a complete, tiny story in itself, revealing a moment in a variety of characters’ lives. But don’t think that these very short entries are mere excerpts of longer sagas. Ms. Ackerson manages to set scenes, flesh out characters, and tell a story in just a few paragraphs.

Many times I was so blown away by the depth of an entry, I needed to put the book down and take a breath. Often I needed to read a story two or three times, seeing something new with each read, peeling back the layers, before finding the stunning pearl in its heart.

I was thrilled to receive an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I’m sure I will be returning to enjoy Stolen Postcards again and again. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.