Monday, November 23

Do we or don't we?

Here is the bottom line…I am conflicted over this whole ISIS / Syrian refugee debacle. My stomach and my brain are doing flip-flops.

How can we let our fear cause us to turn our collective backs on an entire nation of people – families, with children and grandparents – because a small percentage of them are terrorists? Aren’t we supposed to be the “good guys”?

How could we willingly let a nation of people, known for raising up terrorists, into our country to assimilate with our citizens, when they have openly claimed that there are ISIS infiltrators among the refugees? Aren’t we the nation that fought to be free from religious control and tyranny? Didn’t we fight for the right to defend ourselves? I raised my right hand and took an oath in my early twenties, and have never turned from it.

How can the USA afford to settle 10,000 refugees across the country with housing, and jobs and a future, when over half a million Americans have no home, no job, and no hope?

Do we open our gates to a flock of sheep needing shelter, knowing it’s possible, probable, yes, likely even, that wolves sneaked in along with the peaceful lambs?


Which talking head do we believe? How do we know what we read and hear is truth and what is propaganda? And when it is the truth, how many more truths are they not telling us? What is the right thing to do?

I don’t know.

But in the grand scheme of things, my opinion isn’t worth diddly squat. You know what they say about opinions…. So I won’t repeat it.

I do know that my prayers matter, so I pray that God, who is in control after all, will guide the right people to do the right thing. I pray for the refugees and I pray for their tormentors.

And since I can’t do anything about the refugee crisis, I do what I can for those in need around me. The local homeless men know where they can get a hot cup of coffee, a snack if they’re hungry, socks if their feet are wet and cold, and jackets, hats, and gloves every winter. They also get a smile and a loving welcome.

If the time comes when I need to make a decision, then I trust God to lead me. Until then, that’s my stand on the matter.