Wednesday, April 3

Phoebe! The Peddler's Wagon! And a book give-away!!

I hear him It's Zeke! Zeke's coming! Nothing but his peddler's wagon makes that kind of racket coming across the old covered bridge. I think I can hear the pots and pans clanging and clanking despite the thunder of hooves and clatter of wagon wheels rattling the wooden planks.

It's about time, too. I've read all of the books I traded in last time Zeke's horses pulled that wonderful wagon across the bridge to this side of the river.

Zeke's got all kinds of sundry goods in his peddler's wagon. If you need it, it's likely he'll have it. It's a regular general store on wagon wheels. Plus but you never know what treasure you might find stashed amongst the needles and tubs, buttons and pans, kettles and tools - an exotic perfume maybe? the perfect lace for your new dress?

I think we might be kin, Zeke and me. When he hops down from his seat, his floppy hat doesn't seem to fit quite right, but he wears it comfortably. His arms poke way too far out of the sleeves of his gray coat, but he doesn't care. His eyes sparkle and his mustache twitches, and he seems as tall as the weather vane on the top of the barn.

He doffs his hat and bows low. “Well, good day, folks. What can I help you with? This here is a regular gen'ral store on wheels! Anything you want or need - I have it. and things you never saw before, and maybe didn't know you needed."

The men are drawn to the gadgets and tools, the children to the toys and trinkets, and the other women to the calico and kettles.

I, of course, go for the books. Zeke's carrying a crate of Yvonne Blake's newly released and muchly anticipated novel, "A Home for Phoebe", and I've been waiting IMpatiently to get my hands on it.

Zeke smiles and nods. "Good choice," he says.

A Home for Phoebe

A Home for Phoebe is an historical novel of an Indian woman and a young girl wandering the hills of the Hudson Valley during the mid 1800's.

One flees prejudice, while the other yearns for a home.

Through the friendship of a peddler, a blind granny, and blacksmith's family, they learn of forgiveness and faith.

You can follow Zeke and his peddler's wagon from blog to blog, and at each spot you'll find something new! Not only does Zeke bring you Yvonne's book, he brings you the scoop on the author.

For example, did you know that Vonnie could put together a puzzle of the U.S. when she was 2 yrs. old, and that knows how to say “Hello” in Navajo? I didn't either!

Meet us at Zeke's next stop in Michigan (brr! snow!) at Karlene Jacobsen's spread, Legacy to learn more about A Home for Phoebe and Yvonne Blake. But don't wait until then to bookmark Karlene's blog. Her heart is WARM and beautiful, and you will love her.

And you'll also want to visit Vonnie's website, of course. The back door is always open, and she welcomes everyone with love, encouragement, and FUN!

Yvonne Blake
Oh, and PLEASE --  leave a comment somewhere? Yvonne will be giving away a free copy her book at the end of the month, but you can't win unless you leave a comment!! (And it doesn't have to be here.) She'll be drawing a name from everyone who comments on any of the blogs on Zeke's tour, OR on her author page on Facebook.

See ya tomorrow at Karls' place!

Many blessings, and blessed reading,