Friday, November 26

Connecting Now: The Great Movie coNUNdrum

I'm sharing what my friends the MikChiks are passionate about. They stir me to conviction and action. Please read!

Connecting Now: The Great Movie coNUNdrum:
"Greetings Readers, With December so close, I thought we could make one final push for the December movie boycott. The plan is to stay away ..."

Catrina Bradley
"God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes."Psalm 18:24 (Msg)

Friday, November 19

Friday Fiction: The Video

Thanks for reading my offering for Fiction Friday today!! The fact that this story was unveiled at FaithWriters on Veteran's Day was entirely coincidental. This is a moment in time - a part of a much longer story that may just be that novel idea I've been waiting for.




The young soldier was ready. Just one more thing to do.

He tilted his laptop so the webcam centered his face on the screen. The worry lines and sad eyes had to go, so he took a breath and composed a smile. One more quick adjustment to his uniform, and he started recording.


“Hi Dylan. I hope that’s what your mom ended up naming you, cuz that’s the name we had picked out when I had to tell you goodbye, and that’s who you’ll always be to me.

I wish I could've stayed around to find out if you ended up bein' a girl Dylan or a boy Dylan, but that don’t really matter.

What matters is that you know who I am.

I’m your dad, Dylan, and you’re my kid.

Friday, November 5

Friday Fiction: Truth Endures

Welcome to Fiction Friday! I wrote this story way back in May of 2007 for the Sci-Fi challenge at Wow! I've been doing this for a while! I think my writing has improved, but I really liked this story. I hope you do too.

I think everyone might be busy with NaNoWriMo - I don't know if we have a host or hostess today or not! Let me know If I missed it. :-)

Be blessed,



Eight-year-old Cody Brandon sat at the smooth, rock table, pouring over his schoolbook. His feet swung a foot from the dining room floor. Teacher had started his class in History, and today she told them about the days of their ancestors, the Above-The-Waters.

Five pages of Cody’s schoolbook were devoted to the Above-The-Waters. A few washed-out, grainy photos showed what was supposed to be the Above-The-Waters’ home. Cody’s imagination made the pictures come to life. The blue of Mama’s Sunday dress painted the sky, and herbs in Papa’s kitchen garden provided the green of the grasses and trees. The ever-present flow of air from the wall vents was the wind, and the grass swayed and the trees danced as it blew.

“Cody, my boy, are you reading or wool gathering?”

“Grandad!” Cody leapt from his chair and flew into the old man’s open arms.

“Whoa, whoa! You’re getting big enough to bowl me over, boy.” Earnest Brandon’s deep chuckle shook his belly. No one in Farlow had weight to spare, but Grandad Earnest was well loved. The Aunts and Cousins and Meeting ladies made sure Grandad didn’t go hungry.

“Grandad, what’s wool gathering?”

“Always wanting to learn, you are. Speaking of that, what are you pretending to be studying there?”

“The Above-The-Waters. Look at these pictures. And here, on the next page, pictures of the first tunnels.” Before Cody could turn the page, his Grandad reached down and stopped him.

“Cody, I’m old. I’ve seen those pictures and lots more.”