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Friday Fiction: The Corpse (Part 3)

Fiction Friday is a weekly opportunity for writers to share their work and receive a smidgen of feedback. It's also a GREAT place for readers to peruse inspiring and encouraging fiction from up-and-coming new authors. If you're new, don't be shy! Add a link or follow a link (at the bottom of this post), and be sure to scatter comments along your way. Enjoy!!!

I'm SO excited!! I'm hosting Fiction Friday again! My thanks to the lovely and most gracious "owner" of this meme, Anna K(arlene) Jeffrey, for including me on her itinerary of guest homes.

At the request of my daughter, I've written a few more paragraphs of my WIP, still in it's conception stages. (It has not yet reached infancy.) I answered a personal challenge set forth by the MikChiks to write 250 words a day in an effort to become more disciplined. They even put a ticker up for me on their advice blog Connecting Now. (Don't you just love the MikChiks?) This snippet put me over that goal for today (yay!), but I'm still behind over all.

(Here are links to Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them!)

Please remember, this is a draft. :)

Be blessed,


The Corpse
Part 3

The cafeteria didn’t serve mocha cappuccino, but when Callie needed a fix she could make do with ridiculous amounts of sugar and cream stirred into the bitter brew they called coffee. And she definitely needed a fix right now. She grimaced at the first sip, but the second and third went down much smoother.

Callie eyed Alfie over the rim of her cup, searching for words. Giving up, she wrapped her hands around the heated stoneware, closed her eyes, and breathed in the steamy aroma. Now would be a good time to pray, I guess.

But for what?

She breathed a whisper into her steaming coffee. “God, I’m confused.”

“I know you are.” Alfie leaned over the table, speaking softly.

Callie’s eyes flew open, and hot, sticky coffee sloshed over her clenched hands and onto the Formica. She put the cup down and grabbed a handful of napkins.

“I am too,” he said. “I didn’t want for you to… I mean, I didn’t want for it to happen this way. I wanted to see you before you got there, to tell you. I planned to meet you at the coffee shop.“

Alfie grabbed his own napkin and mopped his sweaty brown. “But I got a call…turned out to be nothing…but it made me late.”

The flimsy paper stuck to Callie’s hands and soon turned to shreds. She swabbed at the sticky mess on the table, smearing mocha-colored swirls and figure eights into the tabletop as questions and doubts tumbled and twisted in her mind.

“Then I thought maybe I could catch you in the parking lot, or the lobby, but I was way too late.”

Before Callie could snap at Alife to get on with it already, Kevin appeared like a vision, bearing the trademark red and brown to-go cup from her favorite coffee shop. A whisper of white whipped foam oozed from the sippy-spout.

“You said to find something to do. I thought you could use this.” The young, but obviously insightful intern set the cup before her with a flourish before breaking into off-key song. “'HERE I come to save the DAY!’ No offense to the man in blue, or anything, of course.” He bowed toward Alife. “Not trying to take your job.”

Callie welcomed the interruption and the heavenly libation. “Kevin, thanks, but could you…”

“I know, private conversation. I’ll go burn a cd or something.”

“No! Don't burn anything. I was going to ask you to get me a wet towel." She held up her sticky hands. "And, really… Thanks.”

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Catrina Bradley
"God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes." Psalm 18:24 (Msg)


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