Monday, March 9

Does this sound like me?

While blogsurfing just now, I came across Under Grace and Over Coffee penned by a lovely lady named Andrea. Ok, Grace and Coffee are my two of my favorite things, so I had to read a bit, right?

It seems Adrea took a quiz to find out what Girl Scout cookie she is. And when I started reading about Thin Mints, I found it ironic because, well, I DID devour a quarter of a box today.

No, I'm not a Thin Mint - turns out I'm a Do-Si-Do.

You Are Peanut Butter Sandwiches / Do-si-dos
You are easy going and naturally happy. You don't need a lot to make you smile.
You genuinely care about people and are a great friend. You're always doing your best to make the world a better place.

Even though there isn't an immature bone in your body, you still are like a big kid sometimes.
Why make life complicated when the best parts are actually quite simple? You enjoy the small joys of life.

Hm, for the most part eerily accurate. (Um, not even ONE immature bone in my body? Hmmm.) Not to mention Peanut Butter is another of my favorite things.

The quiz is only 5 questions and will take about a minute of your time. Do you dare to find out.....

As for yesterday's depressing and anger-laden post, I thank you, my bloggy friends, for your prayers and your love. I spent much of my sleepless night in prayer, and vowed that I would CHOOSE to have a good day today, and that I would let NOTHING steal my joy! Out of the blue, first thing this morning I was asked what specifically someone could pray for me today, then I was prayed over. I have a feeling God was speaking to this person on my behalf. And, YES, I had a great day. Our Father so awesome, isn't he?