Thursday, March 26

BBB: The Passion of Mary-Margaret, Chapters 1-2

I'm very excited to be a member of Andrea and Kristen's "virtual" book club, "Books, Blogs, and Brownies"! Our first book is "The Passion of Mary-Margaret" by Lisa Samson. Unfortunately, we were only to read chapters 1 & 2 for our first discussion. These short readings are going to take a whole lot of discipline on my part!

I can tell just from the first two chapters that I'm going to like this book. I love this author's style. Such flowing descriptions and poetic writing, not to mention what I'm sure is going to prove to be a very complex main character in Mary-Margaret.

Today's Questions:

In what ways might the conception and birth of Mary-Margaret, in all of its violence and pain, be something the Lord is going to use for His glory? Is it possible for someone to come from such traumatic beginnings and live a life that shines for Him?

Mary-Margaret was aware of the circumstances of her conception all of her life. How must that knowledge have affected her? It had the potential to make her an angry, cynical person, but I feel it more likely led her to humility. And what better person can the Lord use than a humble servant? And what makes us humble? Facing our past honestly, and giving it to God, and accepting His Grace.

I found her commentary on the people in Joseph's life being ultimately used to bring about God's plan, and her further comments on Ted Bundy and Bin Laden very thought provoking. How far is too far when we try to lay the "blame" for everything on God, and make everything be His doing? My pastor said just last night, "Even if God's people are hell-bent on having their own way, God can still work in their lives for His Good. He works with who He has to work with." He works all things to the good, even when they didn't start out as part of His plan.

And, yes, of course it is possible, probable in fact, that someone with a traumatic past will shine - and shine brighter than someone who started out on easy street. The one with traumatic beginnings has been through the fire and has been refined more.

On page 9, Mary-Margaret describes the scene of her Mother's death, writing "The blood she gave for me. Yes, I'm painfully aware of the symbolism." In what ways could this statement foreshadow events to come? Do you see a story of redemption on the horizon?

Well, that wasn't what I thought about, but I can see it now. :) My thoughts when reading that particular passage were more along the lines of, Does she see her mother as "saintly", and have feelings of resentment toward her for daring to sacrifice herself? Does she see the symbolism of Christ's shed blood and NOT see her mother as being the perfect sacrifice He was? Maybe it was the tone I "heard" - one of sarcasm almost.

Ok, now where are my brownies?

This has been fun, and I can't wait until next Thursday for more Books, Blogs, and Brownies, not to mention find out what happens next!! I hope you'll join me.