Friday, December 30

Friday Fiction: Entertaining (Ideas of) Angels

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I meant to enter this story in the FaithWriters challenge for the topic "Hacker or Virus", but it didn't quite make it. I didn't think it was "finished" enough, but when I tried to add a beginning and and end, I got stonewalled. (Not to mention, being out of routine because the Christmas schedule, I lost track of what day it was and missed the deadline.)

So here it is, as is. I'd love to know what you think. (I keep changing the title, too. Titles and I don't get along, as you may have noticed.)




Lissa? Hi, sweetie.

I’m good.

It’s going okay. I was going to work on that stubborn plot-transition chapter some more this morning, but…that’s why I called.

Lissa, did you maybe mess with my computer?

Well someone did.

Because I fell asleep while I was writing last night and ...

I know! Like mother like daughter right? Anyway, when I realized I was sleeping, I shut my laptop lid and went to bed. And then when I opened it this morning, there was a chapter written that I didn’t write. Or I don’t remember writing. I don’t know which is scarier.

I don’t know how you did it. You’re the computer whiz. I figured you hacked in somehow from your apartment …

Okay. Sorry. I just didn’t know who else to ask. I was actually hoping it was you, otherwise, some random person has access to my computer. And out of all of the malicious pranks he could pull, he chooses to add to my current work in progress?

Yeah, actually, it was—SO good. Even better than my writing, which is another reason I thought it might have been you.

Yes you are! I’ve always said that, because I’ve always known that. You inherited whatever talent I have and then some.

Oh, hush, admit it. Okay, so let me ask you an off-the-wall question. You know that TV show you liked so much, “Angels Among Us” or something like that?”

Yeah, that’s the one. So do you think that maybe it could have been … I mean could an angel have helped me with my novel? I was stuck, and this new chapter is the perfect transition to the next scene.

Who do you think it was then?

Yeah, right. Sleep-writing. If I could do that, I’d have a lot more time to spend with my grown-up baby girl.

No. I know you told me to watch it, but I just haven’t yet.

I said I know you did. And I’ve been meaning to, really.

So, listen, why don’t you bring an episode or two over now, and we can watch them together?

Because I gave you the entire series for Christmas, that’s how I know. Come on, I really want to see what these angels do. Plus I need some mommy-daughter time anyway.

Good. I’ll start the popcorn. See you in a few.

Love you too.

= =

Roseanne snugged her robe tighter around her. She was kind of spooked now. When Lissa had as much as laughed at the idea of hacking into her computer, Rosanne had thought she was at a loss for words.

So where did that question about angels come from?