Saturday, February 21

The Lord is With Me

I’ve read Genesis 39 and the story of Joseph in Potipher’s house many times, but in the past I was always focused on the famous story of Potipher’s wife and her framing of Joseph. This time, however, I was struck by a different truth in that chapter.

“the LORD was with him; and whatever he did, the LORD made [it] prosper.”
Gen 39:23

The Lord’s favor was upon Joseph. Like Midas, everything he touched turned to gold.

A slave rises to 2nd in command and entrusted with the Master’s household.

A prisoner is put in charge of the prison.

Why? Joseph’s faith never wavered, and the Lord’s favor was upon him.

As I was meditating on this, I began thinking of my own life.

A dirt-poor farm girl rises to the top of her class.

A socially inept, naïve, waif becomes the belle of the ball and part of the in crowd

Later, a secretary is put in charge of the business.

A hireling becomes the confidant and adviser to the leader.

The Lord was with me, and whatever I did, He made it prosper.

I’ve done some stupid things, walked down many wrong paths with my eyes wide open. But I’ve never lost faith in the protection and salvation that comes from the Lord. I lost my head, misplaced my morals, but never, ever doubted my Saviour. I took Him for granted, but never forsook Him.

And the Lord’s favor has been upon me.