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Coming up: November Reads and Reviews

Book Reviews coming up!

I love being a book review blogger. Just for writing down my opinion and posting them on my blog and another site, I get free books! If you are interested in becoming a book reviewer too, Christina Banks (aka Stina Rose) has posted links to three publishing houses she's working with (two of which I'm reviewing for also. CLICK HERE to read all about it on her blog!

I'm watching my doorstep for the following books to review in November:

The Sacred Meal
The Ancient Practices Series
By Nora Gallagher
Thomas Nelson Publishers 

The sacred meal that is part of our faith does more than connect us to the holy. It connects us to each other.

"I think Jesus wanted his disciples and everyone who came after him to remember what they had together. What they made together. What it meant to be together. How the things he wanted them to do could not be done alone. How the things he did could not have been done without them."

In her inimitable style of memoir and personal reflection, Nora Gallagher explores the beauty and mystery of this most fascinating of topics. Whether exploring the history of Christian Communion, taking us inside the workings of a soup kitchen or sharing times of joy and sadness with friends, the author reminds us what it means to partake of and be part of the body of Christ.

Though Waters Roar
by Lynn Austin
Bethany House Publishing

For three generations, the Sherwood women have fought for social justice. When Harriet decides to follow in their footsteps, she never imagined her efforts would land her in jail. Languishing in her cell, she sifts through her life and the lives of the brave women before her. They were fighting for their beliefs--but what is she fighting for?

In a stirring tale reminiscent of Eve's Daughter's, Lynn Austin spins a compelling generational tale of finding the courage to live a legacy.

plus one of the two following books:

...the silent gift
By Michael Landon and Cindy Kelley
Bethany House Publishing


Things Worth Remembering
By Jackina Stark
Bethany House Publishing

Be watching in November for my reviews!

Catrina Bradley

"God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes."
Psalm 18:24 (Msg)