Saturday, January 3

Nail Clippings and Hair Trimmings: Are You Growing

My poor little dog Lady’s toenails are too long. We’ve been meaning to take her to the VetExpress for weeks, but didn’t seem to get around to it with the Christmas crush. She could use a good trimming, too; she’s getting a bit shaggy.

Like me, her nails need constant clipping and her hair grows out of its styled cut because…well, because we are living organisms, and living things are constantly in a state of change and growth.

If our nails stop growing, that means our bodies are dead.

To be alive means to grow.

If you aren’t growing in Christ, are you alive in Him?

My doggy’s toenails made me thing again about Sunday’s thought-provoking sermon. Our guest preacher at FBC this past Sunday was outstanding. He spoke to us about the importance of a Christian growing to maturity.

In closing he asked, “Are you growing in grace and in knowledge? Are you growing spiritually?"

How do you know if you are growing or stagnant?

He gave us 10 questions to think about, to help us see if we growing.

Are You Growing Spiritually?
  1. Are you becoming more confident in your salvation, not always questioning whether your salvation took or if you are really saved?
  2. Do you feel more satisfied, content, and fulfilled in Christ?
  3. Are you becoming increasingly aware of your sinfulness and weaknesses?
  4. Are you finding new guidance in familiar scriptures?
  5. When at church, you don’t feel the need to keep God on the clock?
  6. Are you learning to see trials and temptations more as opportunities for your growth and for God's glory?
  7. Is your perspective on life becoming less temporal and more eternal?
  8. Are you eager to share with others what Christ is doing in your life?
  9. Are you praying for opportunities to minister to those around you that don’t know Christ?
  10. Does the way you spend your money and the way you spend your time indicate Christ’s importance and priority in your life?
My automatic and immediate answer to all of the above is “YES”, but I’m convicted I need to take an honest assessment of my situation. I need spend a little time thinking about each question, meditating on the “YES” areas of my life, and praying to uncover the “not quite” places I’ve secreted away and haven’t fully surrendered.

How about you? Are you growing?