Friday, April 27

Book Review: No Escape from Berlin

No Escape from Berlin is an extraordinary work of fiction. Although the “main event” is World War II, it isn't a war story, and while love is definitely in the air, it's not a romance either. So what it it? Well, it's “Based on a true story, if you're asking A.”

'A' is Alex, the hero of Rudi London's original and engaging novel. We are plunged into Alex's life at 7 years of age, as he races through the woods, searching frantically for a person yelling, “Help!” The strange man he rescues from a raging river teaches him the true measure of 100%, and he becomes either the catalyst or foreseer of Alex's future life.

Mr. London swept me off my feet and into the story, and by the end of chapter one, I knew this would be another unique combination of wry humor and understated but evident passion that reflects the heart and soul of it's author.

I was right.
Two thumbs up.