Friday, February 24

Friday Fiction: Poetry Sampler

I know it's FICTION Friday, but I decided to do something radical and post a smattering of my poetry. I like to write poems - I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything, don't get me wrong, but I've got a lot of thoughts saved in my poetry file going to waste. I thought I'd share a few here today. Some are silly and fun, some I tried at imagery, but all are from my heart. (Oh, and they also remain unedited from when I typed them out.)



Rumbling and booming and blinding flashing light
Attack the black night
Rain hovers above the bloated opalescent clouds
Lying in wait for the command to fall
From a distended and suffering sky

Sighing, humming, rustling
Whispers in the leaves on distant trees
Tickle my ear
A breath of air sails in
A gentle melody
Caresses my skin
Refreshes my suffocating spirit
The wind’s whispering escalates
A crescendo of gusts and gales
Steals my breath.

Deafening crash!
Blinding flash!
Night is turned inside out
Black is made white
And this light
Is scary evil threatening
Hairs stand at attention
Mocking me

Springing to my feet
Freezing in awe and fear and
Go! my instincts scream
My feet are loosed from their concrete snares
A panicked dash
Cover and safety so near
And I go
For cover and safety
But still
The sky rumbles and flickers and flashes
But I am safe


Pitter patter pitter patter
Rain rain rain rain
Dusty dustbowl parched dry land
Drinks in soaking falling rain
Months and months and months
Of drought and dry and rainless days
Arid plains cry out their praise
For rain and rain and rain and rain

Pitter patter pitter patter


Dear God, You know I knowed it,
But still I went and blowed it.
So here I am to fess up.
Will you forgive my mess up?

(song lyrics - the tune came with the words as I wrote. If I could write music, I'd add the notes. :) )

Hold me close Lord
I want to drift away in you
Hold me close, Lord
My tired spirit needs renewed

Into your arms
I fall, Lord
Into your arms, Lord
You call and
I fall
Into your arms

Don’t let me go, Lord
Don’t let me squirm from your love’s breast
Don’t let me go Lord
My spirit craves your Love’s sweet rest

Into your arms
I fall, Lord
Into your arms, Lord
You call and
I fall
Into your arms

How can I move, Lord
When I’m too tired to lift my feet
Where do I go, Lord
when I can’t find the rest I need

Into your arms
I fall, Lord
Into your arms, Lord
You call and
I fall
Into your arms

(Like many of my writings, this last one I didn't finish. The tears blinded me and the heartache was too deep. I meant to, but then it all came true and I couldn't do it.)

I’m planning tonight what to pack
Cuz I’m coming to see you tomorrow
To say goodbye
Knowing that goodbye means the next time I see you
I’ll need a black dress
And a sweater to ward off the chill
Of the air conditioned sanctuary
And the sorrow
Burrowing into my bones
And making me shake
When I see you again.

The mostly black summer dress with white designs
The one I wore to church on Sunday
Is tasteful and it fits
And that cardigan I have
The smooth knit one with the jewel buttons
And shoes
My shoes with the heels.
Don’t forget the shoes.

Tears have worn rivets on my cheeks

I hope you enjoyed this peek into a poet-wanna-be's secret files. Please visit Karlene's blog, Voices, to read some GREAT fiction (look in the comments on her story for links) or to post your own link. The more the merrier when it comes to Friday Fiction!

Have a BLESSED day!

Catrina Bradley
"God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes." Psalm 18:24 (Msg)