Monday, October 10

"Her Safari"



You've reached the next stop on the safari!

Oops, I mean the BLOG TOUR for Her Safari.

If you're just hopping on the bus, our guest of honor is Lisa Mikitarian, author of "Her Safari: Snapshots Along the Way." I'm blessed that the tour bus made a detour mid-schedule to "speak to the mountain" with me. 

So many bloggers and reviewers on this tour have already written such glowing praise for “Her Safari” that I’m not sure what more I can add. I can tell you how much I enjoyed it, though.

If you’ve been tagging along, you’ve heard more than one person use the phrase “just one more” when describing their own journey through Lisa Mikitarian's ensemble of short stories. There’s a reason that phrase came up over and over -- it’s entirely true.

I had intended to savor “Her Safari”, lingering over Lisa’s beautiful prose. Instead, I turned page after page after page, and finished the book in two days. Twice I Facebooked Lisa to let her know it was HER fault I was late for something. I literally couldn't put it down.

Though each mini-story is fiction, and each stars a different female main character at a different place in life, I recognized myself somewhere in each tale. Lisa writes with a comforting voice that beats in rhythm with my soul. I was disappointed when I turned the last page and realized there was no more “just one more.”

Any and every female reader on your shopping list would love this eclectic, cohesive collection of tiny masterpieces. It’s my pleasure and my privilege to recommend it to you.

For a closer look at "Her Safari", and a glimpse of the beautiful person behind the byline, watch this short trailer...

THIS LINK will take you to Demme House Publishers, where you can order "Her Safari." 

Lisa has partnered with Heart of God International Ministries, so that they’ll receive the proceeds from books bought on their behalf. If you wish to benefit HGIM with your purchase, there’s a special button on the publishers site at check out (HGIM).


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Lisa and Dorian Gray

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Catrina Bradley
"God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to his eyes." Psalm 18:24 (Msg)