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Friday Fiction: People Are Strange, When You're a Stranger

Hello! It's Fiction Friday!!!

Today, I decided I'd finally finish off a piece I started back in 2008 for the Faithwriters Challenge to illustrate the meaning of the adage "You are known by the company you keep," without using the actual phrase. I liked this one, but ran out of steam, or confidence, or something. So you get to read something never before seen by the public! (A rare occurance for my Friday Fiction.) Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!


I can see him hidin' behind the crepe myrtles at the back of the parking lot. Well, I guess "hiding" ain't the right word, cuz I can see him, right? He thinks he's goin to catch me doing something.

And I know he's thinkin that, cuz he's slowed his patrol car to a crawl more than once this summer to call me out.

"I got my eye on you, Son. You best be rememberin' that."

"Where ya headed, Son? Gettin' dark - ya best be gettin' home soon."

My sharp elbow in Jason's ribs succeeds in gettin his attention away from the two shapely chicks sashaying toward the gate.

I just met Jason tonight on the go-karts. I took him by a half kart-length, but he evened the score at the battin cages. The boy's got a swing! Anyway, he said he had a cooler in his truck and was I thirsty.

Matter of fact I was. That's how we ended up in the parkin lot of Fun Town. An' that's how I finally met Officer Charles Sterling.

"Ow, Damien - you bruised me! What?"

"Check it, man."

His eyes follow my chin as I point it in the direction of Chuckie Cheese, a.k.a. Officer Charles Sterling. Jason doesn't flinch, just reaches into the truck bed and snags two drinks outa the cooler.

"Chill, Damien. He's cool.

Man, I tell ya, Jason's smooth, auright. You wouldn't suspect that he'd just saw the first in command of this town's two-member "police force".

"So, you in tomorrow night? You'll recognize a few people - well, I've heard them talking about you, anyway." Icy water drips from the can

of soda!

Jason hands me.

"So people's talkin' bout me, huh?. Yah, I figured they would." I pop the can open and take a slug. "Was it good or bad? What they sayin' 'bout me?"

"Not good or bad. It's more like, 'Who's the new kid?' They've seen you around town. Wondering if you're a sophomore or a junior, where you got that cool jacket. Stuff like that. You see those two girls just walk past?"

"Yeah!" Like I could miss 'em.

"They usually show up."

"Huh." Well, I guess I just gotta get over bein' scared. Gotta meet them all next week when school starts, anyway. "So, whatta y'all do at these things anyway?"

"Wait, hold on." Jason digs his keys outa his jeans pocket and opened his truck.

Just when he flips the seat forward and starts poking around in the back, I remember I'd forgot about Chuckie. I look up .. too late. He's half way to us, his cop car cuttin across the parking lot.

"Uh, Jason.


"Jason!" I hiss at 'im, tryin to holler and whisper at the same time.

Chuckie wheels around and stops beside the truck.

Oblivious to him, Jason stands up, holding out a book. "Here it is. I knew I had an extra one. We just read some of this, then we just talk about it."

Chuckie's eyin' us through his open window, and I'm eyin' him back.

"Hey, there, Son. I see ya met Jason. Figured he'd corner ya goner or later."

I don't like the look of Chuckie's smile. My eyes flit to Jason and back. "Uh.."

Chuckie's smile splits into a grin. "Yep, Jason real good at recruitin the occasional new kid in town. Ain't that right, Son?"

"Yep, You know it. The latest fish to take the bait is Damien. Damien, meet Officer Sterling. Or as we call him, Mr. Chuck."

"Glad you made the acquaintance a Jason here. I taught him everything he knows," Chucky says, and then he chuckles. "Ya know, Son, I had my suspicions 'n all, not knowing much about you. But once I saw you with Jason...."

Jason interrupted. "So, we'll see you tomorrow Mr. Chuck?"

"Yep, seven p.m. sharp. Don't be late, Jason. So, ya gonna join the kids for Bible Study, Son? We'd love to have you."

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