Thursday, February 4

Something to watch this weekend (besides that game on Sunday)

I'm pleased to share this message from my friend Sherri Cline.

Something to watch this weekend (besides that game on Sunday)

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of being able to attend an advance screening of the biopic "Temple Grandin," which premiers this Saturday on HBO at 8pm. I would like to encourage everyone to see this film.

Temple Grandin is autistic. She was diagnosed during the 50's, when "frigid mothers" were blamed for their children's conditions, and people were encouraged to institutionalize their autistic family members. Instead, Temple went to school, including college, eventually earning a PhD. She has designed machinery and mechanisms for the cattle industry to make slaughter a humane process.

Temple Grandin "thinks in pictures." The film does a wonderful job of showing what Temple (played phenomenally by Claire Daines) sees when folks talk about something as simple as shoes (every pair of shoes she's ever owned, seen in magazines, and those of the person she's talking to), and as complex as animal husbandry (a farmer and cow standing next to each other in wedding clothes). When she enters a room, we see still-shots of what she focuses on visually, and what she is sensitive to in terms of sound.

As a mom with a daughter with autism, this movie brought into focus how my child senses the world. I identified with the mother (Julia Ormond) as she talked about her struggles and triumphs.

It would be difficult to convey exactly how this movie touched me so, and therefore I am hoping that you will experience it for yourself--I feel that it does such a good job of showing a "neurotypical" individual what it's like to step into the world of autism for a couple of hours.

Please share this information with others, and encourage them to see this film.



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All showtimes can be found by clicking here!

Click this for a downloadable pdf file coloring book on HBO's website that helps explain autism to others.

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